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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Widows Peak

For over a year now, there has been 'stuff' going on on a very large area of land up the street from us. Tree removal, clearing, that sort of 'stuff'. Then the builders came in and when I saw what they were building, I laughed....very loudly, in fact I laugh every time I drive by this place. Finally went by with the camera!
[Ok, Ashley had her camera, thank you A!!]
This seems to be a widow's walk....A railed, rooftop platform typically on a coastal house, originally designed to observe vessels at sea.
My guess is they can see the Olympic Mt.'s from
one direction and Mt. Rainier from the other up there on the
roof....because they sure aren't looking at this!
When I asked Ashley to turn around and get a shot of the 'view', she said, "What for? That's nothing to look at." Eggs-actley.

Look at this place! It has COLUMNS for pete's sake! for 3 cars! With covered passage between the 2 buildings! And a widow's walk for the garage too, how quaint. This McMansion is being built in the boonies. We must have more Microsoft Millionaires than I thought....Nah, they live close to the ferries so they can boat across the sound. Might it become a B & B? I will be keeping an eye on this one. I am curious about the view they might have....


  1. tee hee hee. you better hope your new neighbor doesn't read your blog...his wife loves that widow's walk...and they have plans to have animal house parties up there and NOT invite you!!!!! It does seem a bit over the top -- I thought McMansions were a thing of the past...

  2. And how out of place those houses always look - like lonely, gangly teenagers looking to fit in, and never quite managing it.

  3. I thought the trend was to build smaller and adhere to a more conservative approach these days in building. Maybe they did not get the word, or maybe they have egos larger than sensibility. I hope they don't read this post, but maybe they should! Who needs a three-car garage these days! We have a one-car garage and that is plenty.

  4. I actually thought about the 'what if' they do come across this posting....Susan I hadn't even considered it being a frat house! Let's see....the nearest university is....Tacoma.....nah, I think the frat house is out. Something we didn't think about, out loud, is maybe a Cat House? I will watch for the limos....