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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Smiling Megan....Say "Cheese"

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Megan had her surgery on Monday morning. From the waiting room, mom and dad could hear a screaming child and asked a nurse if that was their child screaming....both pretty sure of the answer. Meg is not one to be messed with, and she lets you know it! She wasn't even totally out of the anesthetic, yet she was fighting the nurses who were trying to remove her IV. It took both parents to get Megan calmed enough to let the nurses do what they needed. I thought a picture of the area would be helpful, at least to me, because I couldn't quite picture the eardrum in relations to the adenoids.
This is Megan 2 days later, smiling a 'cheesy' smile, before she gave up and admitted she was tired. She actually played quietly here at my house today, whereas when I saw her yesterday, she was bouncing off the walls. [we have been making clothes for her dolls with scraps, tape and strings, and I gave her ribbon today.]
The camera shy cat got snookered into getting her own 'cheesy' smile, though she wasn't saying cheese, she was saying "mauw".
Not much progress on this side of the deck.....
but look to the left and....ta da!....and look up and.....a roof! A bright tin roof, which I really like.
The mess yard across the street is having a sale. It has been a while in the set up.....

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