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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back From The Lost

Hello. Miss me? I miss me too. I have been in Blah Land, do you know of the place? I hope not!

I have been doing some baby watching. But no needlework. Well....I did start Steph's dorm quilt, but just barely. I need to do more today....I hope.

We have Lily tomorrow because Megan is going in for her tonsil removal! We are looking forward to that, believe me! Unfortunately she will miss the first week of preschool, maybe more?, but it can't be helped, those tonsils and junk have got to go! Update on that after tomorrow. I also have Rhiley sometime this week. And maybe Lily some more....or maybe Megan will be here to cuddle with me while she recovers. We aren't sure what all will be happening this next week.


  1. sounds lke a big week, with lots of cuddling of those sweet girls.

    I know blah-land - don't like it - but I know it.

  2. What dear pictures.

    Grandmothers are good for hugs and kisses.

  3. Sounds like Grandma is very busy! such beautiful grandchildren.