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Wednesday, September 09, 2009


I got coffee today in town. The barista asked me if today's date meant anything to me; I didn't have a clue what she meant even though I like number combos. So I googled it....and found this on eHow....

The last of the single digits for quite a while. 1001 years to be precise. It seems like a good day to celebrate and look forward to.

one thousand and one years??? holey notice the number?

What have I been doing? Nothing. Creative. Bah.


  1. You've just been thinking about dates - that's creative.

  2. I agree. The number game is creative and fun.

  3. who knew? I remember my twin nieces turned 5 on 5/5/05 and my SIL had a big party...

    I guess it is the last of the single digits, if you think about it...

    How's the trike riding going?