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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lack of creative juices.... i sit at night with my mom in front of the tv. not a single hand work held in my hands. they sit on the design wall, or environs, and they sit on the shelf by my chair. heavy sigh.
but.....the other day i got 2 catalogs in the mail...the snail mail kind....and for me at the moment....the finestkind. the above kats are a cross stitch pattern by Marjorie Sarnat and are in the Nordic Needle catalog. I love this pattern! It has the color and cats and designs-like-fabric that I would love to do. I haven't x-stitched in years! But who cares? I love this for the inspiration it gives me!
And's knit....something I do even less than x-stitch. Well, to be honest, I don't knit at all. But, again I love it! It's the "Riding Jacket" pattern by Debbie Bliss in her book The Big Easy. It's in the WEBS catalog. So here's hoping the mojo will still be with me this evening!


  1. If I had some free money laying around I'd buy that cross stitch kit so that you could be in misery with me!

  2. Good luck. I'm not feeling very juicy either, creatively speaking.

  3. Those kitties could be appliqued after piecing together,wavy bkg,you could quilt this ..

  4. W.M.....yes I know what you mean about juices not flowing! Sorry to hear it, seriously!

    Karen....those kitties would be wonderful in appliqué wouldn't they!!