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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Step 32- Steph Goes To College

Big brother Ben took little sister Stephanie to Seattle yesterday to attend the orientation to/of/at/? College. She spent the night because it is a 2 day process! Today she picks her classes; more on that later when I know more. So this makes her a Freshman....right? {i haven't been very good at the names for the grades/years in high school/college}

I got to stay here with Megan and Lily. And mom. Lots of responsibility there!! Lily {1} does go for her nap easily these days. So does mom {88}. Megan got to go play with the neighbor kids. I managed to get nothing else done....I think. Ben is taking Megan with him when he goes back for Steph, and they will get to go check out her dorm room because she finally got that assignment yesterday. Room # 414....good numbers! I will be here with Lily and Mom.

Dan managed to get lots done on the deck yesterday....with Ben's help, they got the bottom pad for the ramp all poured....18 bags of cement all mixed one at a time because the wheelbarrow we have is a small one. Sheesh.


  1. What a busy, busy life you have these days. Sounds like you might need a nice cup of tea and moment of quiet every now and then to restore energy. It is always an exciting time to send a child off to college for the first time.

  2. Congratulations to Steph. What an exciting day.

  3. Happy happy joy joy! She's quite a gal! Alexis

  4. Thank You Ladies!! I will pass the congrats on to Steph.