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Friday, August 28, 2009

I love to ride my tri-cycle

granted, mine doesn't look exactly like this, but you get the idea. I have started riding mine everyday, and almost twice a day, and I was able to go up a flight of stairs w/o pain yesterday, yipeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! for now, I don't know if any weight has been lost, but I know muscle has been found.

my knees have been killing me and it was suggested that maybe it was the. muscle and not just the joints, so I have been working on that. Dan replaced my thin tires for all-terrain versions for dirt roads. I have no gears to change and only a front brake. Dan took the basket off a few years ago and put a plywood board on it for when the kids rode together. I would like my basket back, but I won't ask for now because Dan is busy with the deck still.


  1. Good girl. I hope this works for you and makes your life better. I am cheering for you.

  2. What we want is a picture of you ON the bike. :) Alexis

  3. You must be kidding Alexis!!! ME on the trike??? Yikes.

  4. Good for you. It will become addictive, I promise!