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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dad Beach

So far this is where I am on the Beach and Dad. The picture on the fabric is the final print on fabric......I will try not to say that very fast.
These are the tests....for size, {draft prints, less ink} then color, {'best' print for final color}, and the double image because I was trying to be thrifty. {i did a 'draft' on the fabric, then went over that in the 'best' setting. hah!}


  1. These are great! I even love the one with "double exposure". It is such a great photo to work with; it has so much character, mood and, of course, sentiment.

  2. Thank You....the picture is such a typical day on the coast, isn't it.

    I think I will keep the double exposure copy too, I can always use it for the label.

  3. OK, I think I'm all caught up on your posts...this piece of fabric is FABULOUS!!! I've always admired Vicki's dying...and I never thought to have her make a custom piece...this is going to be a special piece, my friend, on so many levels...can't wait to see it develop...