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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Fun Stuff

Stephanie got this pair of shoes, all black, for her prom, but figures she couldn't wear them with anything else, so she painted them.

That should stop traffic!
WTF? Ashley needed a nursing cover-up, so I grabbed a yard of fabric from my stash and made her one. You know the slogan "measure twice, cut once"???? I skipped the measuring all together and just cut. Of course the hole ended up jiii-norrr-mous! But it works.
My youngest grand-girls, Rhiley and Lily. Rhiley is about 10 pounds now, and Lily is....Lily. Hey check it out, you can almost see Rhiley's eyebrows! I have noticed that eyebrows don't have much to do during this early stage of life. So they lay dormant. I am going to keep my eye on them.

Edit to add....Stephanie got home very stressed last night, after spending the night At College. She couldn't get signed up for her classes until she had been to orientation, and of course most are full by now, so....and to get financial aid, she has to take 12 credits.....we tried to figure it out last night, but with not much luck. It seems that classes now have an extra "quiz" period, kinda like a 'lab', that is separate from the regular class times. The one class she really wants {Art!} has a quiz time in the middle of Friday that screwed up every other class she tried to sign up for! it couldn't have been on a T or TH, when she has no classes, oh no!


  1. Stephanie is very talented with paint. I love them!

  2. Welcome to college life. That's why it often takes 5 years to get out rather than the traditional 4.She'll freak a bit and then she'll be fine, no, better than fine.. she's terrific! Alexis

  3. Ah, yes I remember that college art classes have many extra "lab" hours. More time is required than regular, standard subjects. She will survive.

  4. Great shoes and what a great idea. Stephanie is creative like her mom! I hope she gets the 12 credits she needs. Must be frustrating.

    Beautiful grand-girls.