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Friday, September 25, 2009

Not Quite An Empty Nest

I don't have the camera to load the 'kid leaving home' photo I took this morning of Stephanie as she 'left for college'. The camera is with Dan who took Steph and is now "Doing the Puyallup" [local fair that is a big deal here in WA]. But I did get camera pix from Stephanie of her dorm room.
Edit to add....Christine, the clock Stephanie created is on the shelf in the above picture!!!
She has already made her bed! With the quilt I finished this morning....well, all I had to do was snip off the ends of the ties. We like comforter type quilts, so I tied the whole thing.

Stephanie is my baby. Now she is starting her adventures away from I have seen much of her since she got a boyfriend. But that is as it should be, right? Luckily she is only across the Puget Sound at U-Dub. [U of W, go Huskies.....hope I got that I really am interested in sports.] I just wish the neighbor guy hadn't decided to hound in on my moment of saying good-bye to my baby. Sorry Steph!

Now I need to go pay attention to the grandbaby waking up.

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