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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Off To College

So this is my baby on her way to U-Dub. [I blocked out the neighbor and his yard sale debris.]
The cat had to help with the last minute trimming on the quilt!
This is the only picture of the 'dorm' that Dan could get. The underground But they had volunteers and great big carts to help with the moving of stuff. Thank you Miss Volunteer!! She said we were the first to ask to get a picture! Sweet. I know Steph thanked her because that's what we do.
And the second shot of my baby leaving. [messed up order, i know] I would have gotten another picture if the neighbor hadn't horned in on our moment. I am pleased to say that Stephanie was bummed about it too.
Have fun at college Steph!


  1. Awww - the baby leaving home - what a sad and happy day - what adventures she'll have - and you too.

  2. Such a special, special, special girl!! Alexis

  3. Wow such a big day! Hope her new adventures are filled with all kinds of dreams and fulfillments.