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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Monday Night Family

I know this is Wed., are a few things to show you.
Stephanie made herself a clock. She took apart a hard drive, a thrift store clock, and a few other things I think. It works!
Monday Night was family night, especially since Steph will be going to college in 2 days. She might not be here for her, so sister Ashley made her a cake...well, actually Danny made the cake because he was off work on Monday.
Handwork....I am thinking of adding only orange things to this bright turquoise piece of fabric [i dyed it, it's decor fabric]
So while passing my sewing area, I noticed this piece of fish fabric that I believe Christine gave me last year for my Pine Lake Quilt. There is orange on that fish belly. But it's really long, as fish tend to be, so I added a few running stitches and gathered it up. Now it looks like a flower AND it fits!
While figuring out the block placement for her [Steph] quilt, the dog, Page, kept sitting on it...hey that's her job, right? Well Steph was going crazy trying to keep her, Page, off of it. So who should come along to join the fun? Yup, the cat. Page could not understand why she kept getting chased off, and the cat didn't care either way.
What is Monday Night Family without the family picture? Danny, Rhiley's daddy, holding Megan and Rhiley. The smirking female in the background is Stephanie. [meg is the blond, rhiley is the cooing 2 month old....except you can't see her cooing]


  1. You have such a great family! Lots of love and sharing.

    WOW!!!! I love the clock. That is AMAZING! It is a piece of art! Such talent. Let her know this as she heads to college.

  2. Is Steph going to put that clock in her dorm room? Does it have an alarm? It is a crazy looking clock. I like it.