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Friday, August 14, 2009

I DO have family pictures.....

The Storybook Quilt is done done done and given away!!!! This one was for my niece and her family, made up from stories she and her husband had read to them in their childhood. Oh course it includes grandma and her 2 boys reading around the couch.
This is my boy and his girl.
I had to have a picture of Lily and her boot-slippers!
Grandpa and his weekly pic with what a double chin you are getting there my dear Rhiley! click pic to enlarge
Ashley and the dress she was given for Rhiley....she should be able to wear it in about 5 months??? maybe a year? It's hard to tell from the blurrsss that it is a dotted swiss.


  1. Sweet photos - cute dress, eventually. LOL

  2. The reading on the couch applique is so clever. Very well done.