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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Got What I Wished For....Pictures!

Great shot of what we call the Johnson Forehead {coined by Lindsay, Leslie's 2nd daughter who was not here.} This is Lily, her dad Ben and Anna's son Evan.
Great pic of Ashley {my d} and her Rhiley.
Megan, 4, is the oldest of the grandchildren. She is Ben's.
Ben, Evan and Lily again.
Evan: you don't say? Lily: 'fraid so bub.
This is a great picture of Ashley!! Rhiley is under all that eating dinner.
[the great gray spot is just blocked out mess on the table.]

Lily Mae Johnson {Ben's} and Rhiley Renee Yorba {Ashley's}
Me, Ashley holding Megan {Ben's} & Rhiley {Ashley's}, my mother Evie, Anna {Leslie's} holding her Evan and Cameron, my Ben holding his Lily, and Leslie {my SIL}
Getting everyone together for a photo.
Leslie walked by, I took photo.
Stephanie, sitting on the floor, got added to this one, she is holding Lily.
Missing for this get together are my brother Scott, niece Lindsay, Ashley's SO, Danny. Dan, my husband, was there, manning 2 other cameras!!

BUT....all the grandchildren are present and accounted for! Megan, 4, Cameron, 2+, Lily, 1, Evan 6 months, Rhiley, 3 weeks. Leslie is grandmother to Cameron and Evan, the boys. I am grandmother to all the girls.


  1. These are such good family photos. You will treasure them.

  2. What great photos - lovely to have them for the future.

  3. What a beautiful family! You must be so proud. Rhiley looks like she has grown since I last checked in.

  4. WOW! They make purrrrdy children in Wash. Just gorgeous. Alexis