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Friday, August 14, 2009

Family Pictures

Opps...forgot to take any. *goofy grin* My SIL and niece arrived from Victoria B.C. where there is a statue of Me, The Queen. Of England. Anywhoooo.....the ladies also brought my grand-nephews, Cam and Evan, because they are just to cute to leave home. Maybe being only 2 and 6 months old had something to do with it. I will take pictures this evening when the whole gang is here, because I want pictures of all 5 {so far} grandchildren together and this time I will get what I--ME--MY want.

So .... the visit went a lot better than I expected, of course. I always prepare myself for the battle of the bitches, when my SIL visits. I think it dates back farther than dirt, and I really should just dump the armor and get on with life.

But first I had to vacuum the house.

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