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Monday, August 10, 2009

How to Display Rocks...

As the work on our front deck progress's, I wonder about how we can display our collection of Road Trip Rocks. It's not a big amount of rocks, and most are the size of a fist, or smaller, but I want to show them off, at least to myself because I enjoy looking at them. So ideas are welcome!
Maybe I could do this, find an old boat and turn it into a table for the deck.
This seaweed is just for your viewing is soooooooo cool! Spirit Cloth took this picture on her beach. I think the green looks like silk!
And for more ah's we have Rhiley and her daddy, Danny.


  1. The seaweed is beautiful - it would make a great print.

    And that baby photo is the absolutely cutest thing - so precious.

  2. Look at that smile!!!! Alexis

  3. What a beautiful picture to treasure! Aren't babies truly a gift?

  4. I got through!! I love the smiling granddaughter and so happy to be seeing and able to comment.