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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


EWJ, 88 years young, and her great-granddaughter,
Rhiley R D-Y, 5 days old.
The temp last night......
lets try that with the flash, shall we?
Baby feet....

I was holding the camera and Rhiley, so is this a 'my space' kind of shot?
McD's was giving McTY babies away for the 30th birthday of McHappy McMeals, so I asked for a toy with my McSalad and I got a McLadyBug, which I promptly turned into a McPinCushion for my design wall.
Also found a use for the "leaf" I crocheted a while back.


  1. I dearly love the sweet picture at the top. Just precious.
    And then I love the cute pictures you took of Rhiley's feet. New life is inspiring.
    I am sorry it is so hot where you are, but it always cools down in WA. You will dream of this heat in the rainy cold weather.

  2. Awwww such cuteness. I love the newness with the age - it just looks right.

    And that ladybug - I didn't know they were giving them away or I would have gone and gotten one and made a pincushion for my DIL - yours is just too cute. Are they still giving them away or am I too late?

  3. The photo of great-grandmother with young Rhiley is a keeper.

    How is the young lady doing, settling into being out in the great world and all?