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Monday, July 27, 2009

Lots of Things Today

Today's viewing is brought to you bass-akwards.
In case you missed the temp gauge in the next shot.....
Oh looks it's all tidy now! And the front door has a temporary gate slapped on it to keep the dogs from escaping....hah!
Re-deck building can be so messy.
Steph took this picture of the tree-struck-lighting [better read backwards] See the pale streak going down the trunk? That's what the power-bolt did.
For the Fork In The Road. Did I mention this yet?
Cat pretending to be cool....
Sometimes when you try something new, it turns out to be a mistake. Take Stephanie and Sushi, for example. Steph finally gave in and tried a piece that had eel in it. I don't know if she even ate the whole piece, but I am thankful she didn't eat any more than that, because she had an allergic reaction to it! Luckily, only swollen hands and welts on her arms and legs. So no more sushi for Steph!


  1. wow - that lightening can be scary. And such hot temps - we are up to 82 - being a little north of you I think we get to be cooler - HA HA HA HA - that's a joke - 89 is not cool - not here anyway.

  2. Your life is filled with lots of events these days! Tell Steph that sushi is not so great and not to miss it.

    We had news that Portland, OR was 100+ with humidity to top it off. The Northwest must be melting. I hope you are okay. Crazy summer. Stay out of the lighting and thunder too.

  3. I am totally coveting that fork. Seriously.