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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Comments on Comments

Thank You everyone for the kind words about our newest family an added bonus, I got to hold her yesterday while her mama got a nap! Finestkind. Dan finally gave in and held her too. He worries about it when they are this new. Not so with our oldest, Ben, he came by with his 2 girls [and food] last night and finally got his chance to hold Rhiley. He loves to hold newborns!

Jo---McDonalds McHappy McMeals Ty Beanie Babies Toys are ava. until August 13....just ask for the toy when you get your McLatte. More info here.

Warty Mammal--Rhiley is doing good. I went with Ashley on Monday to see a Lactation Nurse...not sure if she was a nurse, or just a great moms milk person, but she helped a lot! Turns out that many of the drugs Ashley was given during labor, delayed her milk letting down. But that was not the case by Monday! The nurse weighted Rhiley before nursing, and after, and the little thing had filled up by 3 ounces!! {i always have to picture the bottle in my mind, to 'see' the amount an ounce is}

Todays weather forecast is for 100 degrees. Laugh it up, we don't get those temps, they are record breakers here. Yes, Christine, I will remember these days when it rains again!

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  1. OH goody - now I have to think of something to buy at McD so I can get a ladybug. I don't drink coffee or pop - and don't like most of their food - hmmmmm decisions decisions LOL I just want the ladybug.