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Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's A Heat Wave!

Friday Hbr7986 87 97
Oak Harbor7177 84 81
Pt. Angeles7289 94 92
Arlington8691 93 102
Everett8488 92 100
Seattle NOAA8790 95*105
Seattle Boeing Fld.889295 105
Seattle Sea-Tac8994 97** 103*
Bellevue*8894 97 104
Renton889396 105
N. Bend8894 97 102
Tacoma8494 98 105
Gig Harbor8691 95 103
Olympia9097 101* 104*
Bremerton8893 99 104
We are between the 2 towns in red, we got up to one of those temps yesterday afternoon....I would have looked, but I was blotto on the couch with the fan on me....and a wet towel....and the teeny tiny AC we got.

How many dogs can fit into one pool??
I found these pix on the komo news website. This family got 2 pools for their dogs, for those times they can't get them to the lake.

Redneck <span class=

One way to use your truck!

One of the Home Depots had a line outside it yesterday a.m., people waiting to get the AC's off the delivery truck. Supposedly one person bought one for 200$, went out to the parking lot and managed to sell it for 400$....not sure if that was planned, or if the guy caved. Today is starting out cooler....yipeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! I am even having a cup of coffee, warm coffee, to celebrate!


  1. HOpefully it will stay cooler today like they are predicting - I'm sick of this - we got to 100 in Bellingham yesterday - talk about HOT.

  2. Oh dear, that is hot for your area!!

    LOVE your sweet little family Newbie...and the photo of Great Gram and Newborn made me cry.

    Got to LOVE that red neck pool!

    Melissa-->who hand embroiders and found you through the group photos.