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Friday, July 31, 2009

To Hot To Sew.....

For days I have sprawled in front of a
not wanting to move, not even a

When I finally came to, I wanted to
but my project was large, it covered my lap,
it was too hot to put up with that!
So I got out a new one, a project so fair,
Life is a Beach and I want to go there!
I started this one a couple of years {?} ago, doing sample embroidery stitches on this "Beach scape" fabric from Makeover UK, maybe this one, the grass looks the same. But if it's cooler tonight, I need to work on Purple Crayon because I want it to go to it's new home mid-Aug.


  1. Nice beach - I love to go to the beach. We are MUCH cooler today - hope you are too. I know we are a bit north - but not that far. It is only 73 now - going down to 58 tonight and my house is finally cooling off - ahhh heaven.

  2. I enjoyed this ditty! And I remember this piece well -- it was from your 100 stitches in 100 days and you have some amazing work on this piece...

  3. Jo the weather has become quite WA like again, yes?

    Susan I am so amazed you remember this! Thank You!!!!!!