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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Current Project

after the picture of a cat on some batt......I have a picture of what I am working on now.
Storybook <span class=
I decided to get this worked on, instead of the other things I had posted as possibilities. I have been avoiding this because I needed to do 2 things on the sewing machine for it.....I know, weird. So I stitched down Max and Harold by machine, and am working on the hand applique. I also added a second boy child to the sofa reading area, as my niece has had another child since I started this....and actually, Megan's version of this storybook quilt needs to have another girl child added to it....I will take pix later today or tomorrow.

I am gearing up for a 'home visit' with my mother and people from the nursing home where she is right now. I am pretty sure I will fail the wheelchair in "pushing someone around in a wheelchair w/o causing injury to said person. [Walls don't matter, poke all the holes you want]."


  1. You are so creative.

    Hope all goes well with the home visit.

  2. This storybook quilt is fabulous!!! What a great idea!! All my favorite guys are there...can't wait to see what's next.

    And, I'm really glad that the test run bringing your Mom home for a visit worked out. I'm sure she enjoyed it very much.

  3. was bored with the home visit. !!! Silly of us to even make her go thru this! What were we thinking????

    I made another storybook quilt....not sure where it's logged on here....might be under nesting robin...