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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dye....Not My Bag

I may do many things well, but dying fabric is not one of them. I do some anyway, besides the odd white outs with bleach. I free-hand-cut this tree shape out of paper last week. My first test, with bleach no less, did not work. So I am trying this. The dye is this stuff because vinegar is about as 'acid' as I wanna trip on. [panic attacks have been known to leap out and stop me in my tracks because of stinky stuff] The 'fabric' is cotton batt. So far so good. The sun is actually doing it's thing to it....lets hope I don't kill it later.
A ruler. Yup. As many of you know, Stephanie is my RocketScientist. I was getting things out to begin working on a quilt for her when I came across this does that look like a spaceship or what????


  1. It does look like a space ship - with your reflection in it. What are you going to make with it?

  2. Jo- I am going to use this shape for the center of a block, paper pieced, with the robot/spaceship fabrics I got a while back.