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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Close Encounter With Lighting

I thought about it later today.....maybe we should have checked our own roof! You would think that if the house was hit, we would know it, but you know..."you just never know" [famous saying in our household]

I also got to thinking about this day of energy, and a flashback struck me....

This isn't the first time I have been really really close to lighting without being physically zapped. Back in the '70's we had a station wagon 1971_Plymouth_Satellite_Regent.jpg (67424 bytes)the length of a submarine and dad had made a roof top carrier for it, a water tight carrier it turned out. I was 17, camping with 3 other chicks [girls] in the Sierras and of course there was a summer storm. That roof rack must have been holding a good bit of water, because while out driving in the storm [dumb huh? did I mention we were TEENS] we were hit by lighting. The car came to a stop, the engine died, and there was a few seconds of complete silence, no movement. Then one of the chicks [girls] screamed....but it was weird, I could see her mouth open to start the scream, but the sound was delayed. It was very very weird. And scary. I don't know if I ever told my parents.

For years I thought it was a lonely, topless tree near the road we were passing at the time. But when we went back the next day, there weren't any scorch marks on the tree.....So I don't know for sure if it was our car that got hit, or the tree, but it sounds better in the telling to have car hit.


  1. Wow.

    If I had been there, I would have had to get out my brown trousers.

  2. I was telling someone that if I lived in tornado alley, I would have to live underground....any cloud puffs its face near me and I would be down under! Hurricane season? I would be long gone all summer long. I am a weather weenie!