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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sunshine and Braids

After that scary thunder storm [don't laugh you-who-live-in-REAL-scary-storm-areas] the weather has been mild and getting warmer. I think the next dark clouds that roll in will send me into the closet!

One day over the weekend, Steph asked me to do a french braid for her....
Then I suggested she keep it in for a few days....Not bad. I didn't get the colors I was hoping to show you. Since her last dye job, which was really red and has been fading to lovely oranges, she had some lovely shades all mixed together.
I am almost done with the purple crayon. I was trying to fill this big area between Noddy and Max, that Wild Thing, and ended up making a Simpson, as in Bart, relation. Well, I guess that's scary enough. [all the extra marks are the pen I was using to come up with something, they will wash out]
Mom is home and getting settled in. I am pooped. No baby yet. Almost due date....


  1. You have been busy - cute braid - cute color. I love the purple crayon.

    I understand being pooped when caring for another. Don is home from the hospital for the second time - I finally slept 9 hours last night - I barely made it to bed before my eyes closed. Take care!

  2. The purple crayon is coming along beautifully.