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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lighting Struck Twice!!!!

We had a storm clap it's way through our area in the last hour. Lots of lighting, which isn't a very common thing for us. More uncommon were the 2, that's right, 2 strikes that hit something near by. We don't know right now what got hit, but we could feel the pressure, the tingle, the raw power of the strikes. Dan was sitting in his chair, which is up against the window....he leaped out of it like his butt was on fire! Course I was off the sofa in a millisecond too. The second strike was within a minute of the first one. No Shit! Page [dog] is still trembling. I think I am too.

The Komo News Weather Blog has some interesting video by hoping there will be one of this storm up soon.


  1. You aren't kidding Vicki! I don't live in tornado alley or Hurricane [what?] areas or any of those other wild weather places, so this was extreme for ole weeny me! I forgot to check our own roof to see if we were the target for the strikes.