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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

We Know The Tow Dude

Had the tow truck here last night.  Same guy who was here in the winter time, the guy we gave the wooden lighthouse too.  [he has since got it re-wired and working on HIS front porch]  I told him to deposit the Honda in that line up over the Dead Car Zone.  Car parts anyone??

Actually, we are lucky Dan wasn't on the freeway when a thing underneath broke and the right front tire went sideways on him.  Good thing it didn't F-up the tire either! 

So now we have 4 cars, well, 3 cars and a small truck.  The only one drive able is the truck, and Dan noticed yesterday, while driving it, that ________isn't ________ very _____ .{you fill in the blanks.}

So today we go car shopping for a used car or 3.  Think they will take a quilt for payment?  Or a partly used teenager?  I can throw in 2 dogs, well used.  Oh hell, take the house, we can live in all our dead cars!

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