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Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Prom!   My Girlie is the middle smile, looking off at another camera.
The Dress. The color is better in the first picture.  But her date, behind her on the left, was able to match colors very nicely.

this was my date....oh that's right, I didn't go....This awesome fella is Dorothy's cat.  Nice looking guy isn't he!?


  1. What a smashing color! I bet that woke your mom up when they visited to show off their finery. I hope Steph had a wonderful time.

  2. Such fun - proms - and dates - and pretty dresses. Hope they all had a grand time.

  3. Oh, how beautiful they are! Mr. Bean approves. :o)

  4. Yes, the girls had a great time! I guess the guys did too... They all even had time to go to Toys R Us to goof around.

    Thank You Dorothy for sharing your cat, he is in such a perfect pose!

  5. This is such a special time for you with Steph and all the celebrations. I love the color of her dress. She looks so happy, and I am sure she is.

    Your cat is so, so sweet! I never tire of looking at these lovely creatures.

    Congrats Mom on a job well done with your daughter. You should be proud too.