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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Monday....need I say more?

Since everyone was open, in, able to see us, or was forced to see us, my Brother and I go a lot done yesterday....I think.

We met with the Care Management team at the nursing home where we have mom for rehab. Everybody from 'cruise director' to 'captain of the ship' was there to go over everything about moms care.  They will have her crab fishing in the Bering Sea in no time!

We met with moms regular doctor, who will now take over moms' care again. {he let the hospital doctors do their thing at the hospital, because he doesn't practice there, I guess}  So after mom is done fishing for king crab, she can come home and enjoy quality family life with us again.

We met with moms IRA dude so we know she can enjoy *snort* her stay at the nursing home .

We went into a yarn shop...oh, right, that should be Yarn Shop, sorry,  called the Yarn Garden, in Gig Harbor.  What has that got to do with moms care?  Not a damn thing.  Actually my brother needed to get some yarn for his wife and {lalala}  who am I to disagree? {lalala}  I did not buy a thing. I F.I.S.H.ed, but did not buy.  

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