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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Now Don't Buy the First Car You See...

Ok.  Can I have the 4th one?   The first dealer we went to  ...1. red Kia....nah  2. white Chevy something....nah   3. Blue something something...nah  4. Dk. gray/bronze/purple-ish-in-some-lights....ohhhhh nice.
5. Van....nah, some great features, but....nah.  Test Drive #4 Mrs. D.?  Yes please.  Throw in 2 NEW tires for the back? Yes, we can do that for you Mr. D.  I had my picture taken with the car before leaving the dealership and I was laughing at the time because it was so hot, I couldn't touch the car.  This car has bells and whistles and bells that whistle!
A tree.  At the care place my mom is in for the time being, they have this great garden with these old gnarly trees. I love them.  I would have taken more pix, but it was 90 F-ing degrees outside!!   
What can stop a Puget Sounder in their tracks?  Snow and Heat. 

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  1. Nice car!!! We said don't buy the first car too - but the first one was a bright red Grand Prix - we tried others but it was calling our name - niiiiiice car.

    We are at 85 up here - I see you are hotter than us - or hotter than . . . . Us wimpy Pacific Northwesters are such wimps in this hot weather. They say cooler tomorrow - and rain sometime next week - I'm rooting for the rain - I had to water my poor drooping flowers today.