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Friday, June 05, 2009

Funny How That Happens....

All my kids were here yesterday, even the grand girlies, drifting in at different times. I even got to see my in-laws for a bit.

Today is the day Stephanie graduates from high school. I am anxious today. I will probably not take a picture of the ceremonies because lets face it, Google already has a gillion pix we can pretend are ours.

I have to iron the 'gown' which is not biodegradable in the least. It will probably melt and stick to my iron. Of course after the heat wave we have had, I am already melted and may not be able to wheedle the iron.

Remember the broken car the tow dude brought home? It will stay broken. My husband was going to fix it, but every part he removed revealed another broken one behind it. It is a Honda. It has been a good work horse. It will be my husband, not me. I needed something higher off the ground....and had cup holders and a front floor mat....because I am Woman. Grrrrrrrrrrrr

I learned something about my brother the other day and am still a bit pissed off I didn't know the full extent of this.....When my SIL said he had a heart 'event' while working on a roof in 40 below zero temps, I didn't know it actually STOPPED. I would call that something stronger than an 'event'!!!!!! It also seems they were holding out on me/us [not sure if mom knew] that he was actually supposed to get a heart TRANSPLANT, not "just" a quad-by-pass. But since there wasn't a heart available at the time, the surgeon decided to try something new and different. Good thing he did! [Brother was at the heart teaching hospital in Edmonton Canada, best place for him to be at the time.]

On a lighter note, the Ivy Condo's, as I call the ivy vines that are surrounding one of the trees out back, were a busy birding place this morning. I am sure that ivy is full of nests!


  1. Take some pictures!
    I guess that is very good news about your brother. Isn't it?

  2. Oh do take pictures - they are fun later.