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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Prom~ check Grad. Ceremony~ check

Behold a Sea Of Parents and other peoples......
here at the Tacoma Dome to see.....
a Sea Of Students.....decked out in maroon gowns and hat-thingies.
and here is my maroon gowned teenager hugging her sister, who was a maroon gowned teenager grad in '06.
My husband and the camera don't play well together.
L to R....My MIL, Grandma Chris, my Stephanie, my Ashley [and babe], and my Ashley's Danny Man [babe dad].

Oh Happy Day, I am done with High School, and I think I done good! Steph wasn't in the Top 10 Students that the principal introduced, she was something like 31st. Out of 600+ grads last night. The last guy to go up for his diploma was given a loud roaring cheer from the whole class. Seems he had put in a few extra years to get to this day and they all knew him and how hard he tried. You Go Guy!!!!!!!

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