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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Other Pictures on Graduation Day

Since I finally had the camera with me, I got some quick shots of interesting [to me] things around Tacoma. Click to view larger.
Down in "Nalley Valley" where they pickle pickles, are some other very old buildings. This old brick warehouse has been a fave of mine for years. Can you picture this as a funky living space?
Did you know this stuff comes from Tacoma???
these lights are awesome!
Steph had to be early as a grad. Since Grandma and Grandpa [dans side] were going early, they took Steph. This way they got a personal visit with her too since she is the reason they came to visit!
See the shoes on Steph's feet? That's how I found her as she came out with the sea of students!!!! Did I take the binoc's with me? NO. Nor did I have any of the others things to attract her attention, like a disco ball, or a light up t-shirt, or a super soaker squirt machine.

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