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Sunday, June 07, 2009

List # 2

List 1 is complete. Prom and graduation are over.

List # 2 is now in affect.

1. June 7 [today]--- Vicky [me] meet with nurse for mom's long term insurance, so they can make sure mom is really in a nursing home and really in need of something she has been paying for for years.

2. Vicky make guest book this week for shower.[see #3]

3. Ashley's Baby Shower----- June 14

4. Get Steph started at her first job! I think this happens before the shower???

5. Take care of life's business until.....Get sew mojo back!!!!!!

6. Ashley's baby due date July 16.

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  1. All great things start with a have some major life events you're helping to give birth to...