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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Mojo...Come out come out where ever you are.....

While I am looking for my mojo, my gogo, my strength to work on needlework, I have been seeing inspiration in some weird places. So at least the inspiring needle worker hasn't left me completely.
this thing fell out of the shoe box i pulled out of the closet this a.m. [summer sandals on sale last winter] ninja turtle hook?
this plastic came on my BK salad today. it held the veggies. i see a paw, what do you see?

These pix below are of Stephanie's ceramic class endeavors . She sold quite a few of these items.


  1. Inspiration is good - I don't always see patterns in things - but this helps me to think to look for them. I see a paw too. The black thing - I'm not sure what I see - maybe a spinning wheel that has gone berserk.

  2. Did she sell the wheeled thing? I think it is a marvelous piece. I love it. Oh my!