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Monday, June 08, 2009

My Mojo is returning!!!!!!

I wanted to work on this binder cover today. Steph said "Yuck" to the one I had already started. "Use these colors instead, mom."
So after awhile.....and a few choice words....oh...and a few choice looks....I cut the fabric, I sat at the machine and sewed, I pressed those seams, and I added some interfacing, and all by myself, I tugged it onto the binder!
Ta Da! I am one Happy Hen.
What's it for? Tell ya later.


  1. whatever it is for - it sure is pretty.

  2. So many things and events going on in your life. Congratulations Mom! The colors on this binder are beautiful. So you are back to wonderful creative work. I'll bet that feels nice. Enjoy all the plans ahead!