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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Other Blogs and Hummingbirds

Ok, so Jude blogged a picture of a map she has saved from 1963! A world map of the goat population. Jude loves 'dots' and the goat map is definitely dotty. I, on the other hand, love maps, even really odd ones like this. I am also curious, so I googled 'world map of goats' and didn't come up with much on maps & goats, just goats. But I did find this, the "First Published Map of World Happiness" yes siree, it is all there in red yellow and orange, except for a few areas in gray who didn't want to have their happiness mapped, where to visit for happy times! Tough luck Disney, you aren't singled out this time.
And here are 2 pictures I have managed to get of Hummingbirds holding still, yup, sitting around doing nothing. You saw it here first folks...maybe.
Above, tree in my MIL's back yard-ish area. [woodsy place behind her apt. building] Below, on the fence in our backyard.

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  1. You'll like this.