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Friday, June 19, 2009

The Store....

This is Rosedale Market here in Gig Harbor. It was once called Templeton's [store] and at that time it was used in a movie....starring Jennifer Lopez.
Right now it is just a small local store, and both my girls work there. In this picture is only one of my girls, though, the chick in the black apron that is hiding her big belly that is incubating HER chick!!!!! That is Ashley in the "deli" section of the store. They make sandwiches to order. Yum!
We have these small stores tucked in around the area, usually in a very old building or converted house. Do you have them in your area? Berkeley didn't have these, just a couple of large grocery stores. So I didn't grow up with the 'local store' in that way.

So, Vicky, done any needlework lately? Why, yes I have. I just don't have pictures to show for it. I am doing some embroidery on a 'big shirt' I wear. The facings were always flopping out and I hate that, so I am stitching them down.


  1. I can't either....darn it....i must fix this!!!

  2. If you click on the post title, it will show the pix, but I will post another anyway.