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Monday, May 04, 2009

Mail is Postponed

I was going to mail out the goodies that I am giving to the 4 commenter's when we hit 10,000[visitors] here....but I get the grandgirlies instead.  So, I will mail tomorrow, ok?

Oh, I am sooooooooo glad my back is better!  I figured out the culprit, my chair in the sunny corner! Yah. Sucks.  I can't sprawl out in it now, I have to sit up like a proper old


  1. Not a problem V!

    What about a nice firm pillow behind your back?

  2. Yep, no sweat. I feel lucky just to be included.

  3. thank You peoples for your kind words. i needed them after today. i love those girls like they were my own...oh wait...they are my own grandchildren....anyway, they can wear me out in about 50 seconds...faster than any car ever built!