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Monday, May 04, 2009

One Pooped Grandma

That's me. I had one "claw" left by the time Ben came and picked up his beautiful girls.  I was getting pretty damn cranky and every snarky remark from me got a "lost another claw" remark from Dan. {Who sat in his chair most of the day}

But it was the dog that started the claw remarks in the first place. Between Megan and I, we left the gate open and off went the dogs.  Page, being a Jack Russell, runs like the wind, and you just know that inside she is kicking up her heels.  It's all right there in the body language.  Abby is not the runner her mom is, so she comes right back.  Fine.  

A while later I could hear Page barking at something, so I went to the back door and stuck my head out. [it's raining, no roof over that doorway]  There is Page jumping up and down in front of a tree trunk, a regular south-of-the-border jumping bean.  I figured she had a cat treed.  Phone rang.  To the household I say, "Bet that's the neighbor letting us know Page has their cat up a tree."  It was. She didn't know if it was her cat.  She says her kids will go out and try to catch Page. They did.  They didn't. 

Their yelling for Page must have scared her, because she snuck past them and came running into the house like a good dog. I had to go out and let the kids know they had done a great deed! [or they might still be calling for her]

Then Dan says, "the dog is bleeding".  It couldn't have been really bad, or he would have gotten up from his chair and seen to her instead of waiting for me to drop everything and see to her. Opps....there's that last claw...

I found a claw on Page's ear...a cats claw.  And later Dan found another one on her neck. So I called the neighbor back and told her it was probably her cat my dog had treed.  "No big deal" says she. A while later, the phone rings. Again. "I think it was Boots, because he just came in all wet, and MAD AS HELL". Now the neighbor didn't say that last part as a yell, more like a laughing hoot.  She thought it was the funniest thing, to see her cat wet, which he hates!, and stomping around, pissed off.  I think we made her day.

As for the claws, I don't think it was the whole claw, but more than just the usual sheaf cats lose. So how was your day?

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  1. Well my day wasn't as adventerous as yours - and I don't have dogs - and it didn't rain - but the neighbor has a cat that tries to jump straight up at the squirrel on the end of the tree branches - twists around and falls flat on her back - every time - without fail - over and over!