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Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm her mom....

Christine Thresh said...."Your lifelong position of being the child changes to being the grownup."  This is so true, at least with me.  At the hospital, my mother is the patient, and when anyone, new, on staff walks in, I always speak up with "I'm her mom"....and when I start to correct myself, the staff waves it off.  I think they have heard that one many times.

My mother is doing better.  She had a Super IV  inserted in her arm that snakes around inside to her heart area.  As soon as that was set up, she started improving rapidly.  [my brain hides in the gray matter when tech stuff is being explained to me, and then comes up with an easy explanation.]  

The sun is shining today!  All sorts of RV's were heading down the road yesterday, so I hope they have a nice weekend. Being near the freeway, I get to see that kind of thing.  Not many cars with piles of stuff strapped to the roof, these days.
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  1. Oh dear, oh dear. I'm glad she's better.

  2. Glad your mom is doing better - she's lucky to have you there.