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Friday, May 22, 2009


On Sunday, Mom's birthday, Ben grilled HB's, because Dan was at work, and this is how they looked!  They were very good! Oh and chicken!
Well my mom is in the hospital.  It seems I suck as a caregiver for an older person.  I hated forcing things on her, though I would try, and she was good at pushing things away from me. 

On a lighter note, it's supposed to be nice weather this weekend, but then this is May.....come June, the weather gets crappy here until after July 4th, usually....


  1. I am really looking forward to the nice weather this weekend - and sposed to stay nice all next week too - hope this isn't our summer and we get rain for the rest of the summer. There is a big SKi to Sea festival in Bellingham all weekend - we are going to Anacortes for the day tomorrow - to avoid the crowds - well actually to a sew-in - but I won't miss the crowds. Do you ever get up here for SKi to Sea? It is quite the thing.

  2. I hope the hospital forces the right things on your mom and she feels better soon. I think caregiving must be very hard. Your lifelong position of being the child changes to being the grownup.
    Enjoy the weekend weather.