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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stuff...just stuff...

I have been zoning out a bit lately.  

My mom suddenly 'got old' on her 88th birthday Sunday.  I guess I haven't been taking as good a care of her as I should have, like she would let me!  

Then we zoom 70 years in the other direction to 18 year old Stephanie who is needing me too.  I think she has "OMG...I graduate from life as I know it on June 5th" she would say it that way....but you get the idea.

Good thing I learned to parallel park long ago.

About Cats.  Of course. 

Pictures....the pictures taken from the airplane by my daughter were taken with her cell phone, and then e-mailed from it to me/my computer, as she sat in my living room.  She didn't have to download them to a computer first. Or anything.  Wow.  Then I just used Picasa to 'collage' them for your viewing pleasure.  And add text to them.  So I guess I can say Wow to me too.

I have been doing some stitching at night.  I am working on the Log Cabin I showed a few posts ago.  I don't like the Butterfly, so I put it back on the design wall to mull over.

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