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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mums Day

Links of Inspiration... this one...and this one....
I have started this little bit of handwork.  I have been influenced by other women's work lately.  I will dig up those links up later.  So here is The Buffalo.  This block was made by Dorothy
I believe this was before Blogs!  This lovely buffalo was the beginning of a block swap at  I started the swap after commenting how a 2cent stamp of a buffalo looked like a great applique pattern. The swap was all about  the Prairie. My finished quilt became a chew-toy for a dog, but I rescued 3 blocks before giving it back to the dog. 
See the progress I am making?  I don't want to get really wild with this block, because that is just not Dorothy. And I want this to be about her too. The buffalo is done in a really dark purple fabric, so I used a purple thread for it's quilting.  Good thing I have a whole mess of DMC. {I used to be able to say, "all the colors of DMC", but I don't think that's true anymore.} 
Son Ben. Baseball. Again. Good for him!