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Monday, May 11, 2009


i changed my blogs i need to change the header...again.

Anyway.  Needles.  I got a wide assortment of needles because I was looking for The Needle.  The Perfect Needle.  I may have found it! After reading one of 9 bajillion sites that offer advice on hand sewing needles, I decided to go with the 
Cotton darners, sizes 3 to 9.   I am using one of them, don't ask what size, can't remember how that works.  This sucker slides through the layers, has an eye big enough to get 2 strands of embroidery floss threaded by the 3rd try, and is long enough for my old fingers to grasp. Can't say if it's also due to the brand of needle.
{Progress on zee Buffalo.} {this is lotz of funz} {Ok with you Dorothy?}
I am using a cotton batt here, in case that matters to any also. I have had to give up on the polyester batts because they make me cough...those pesty fibers.


  1. I love the John James needles - I use the millners, or straw needles for applique. They do slide through the fabric so nicely.

  2. What a great image. I love your stitching too, very nice the way you have created the lines to form the sky and landscape. Is the cotton batting harder to quilt through than the poly?

  3. Cotton vs. poly batt. I don't think it's any more difficult, but it also depends on the needles. When I use the huge needles, I curse every stitch with the cotton batt, but not the poly batt. That's why I got the new darners, and boy are they sweet! Cut thru the cotton batt and the fabrics like melted butter.