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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Gifts...are on their way!

The Turtle arrived at it's new home! 5-8-09
Pincushions. Of a different breed. For the 4 commenter's on the day the Visitors log counted 10,000.  I may get around to making more, for more friends!

I cut off the TY toy label, but included it in the package. So you know for sure you got something real! And not just something goofy.  3 are from a McDonald's give away, one is standard size.
I removed as much cat hair as possible!
I did not include the beach print fabric...sorry lobster.
I do not know who gets what, except the spider.  That was the only package I marked from the outside, opps!  So....Surprise!  the label I made up for them is below.
Pin Up By Design 
Put a PINcushion UP
BY your DESIGN wall.
by Vicky Davis (stichr)

[label reads...]
One day I decided I needed a pincushion by my design wall.  
The next day I decided I wanted to make some for friends.
From something different....way different.
And that is how the re-purposed Beanie Baby came to be!
Included is a giant, VERY sharp pin to hold the pincushion up 
on your wall, or not...


  1. Oh, wow! These are awesome! Very special indeed.

  2. Every one of them is super duper - but mine is the BEST - it is the turtle and she came today. I needed a good pick-me-up today and there was the package - waiting for me when I got home from town.

    I will treasure the turtle - ohh that is her name Treasure!!!!! And what a pretty pin you sent with her - my daughter is going to want her - but she is mine mine mine mine.

    Thanks ever so much - you clever girl!!!