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Thursday, May 07, 2009


Jo commented on my last post..."What a lovely old tree - what wonderful memories."  oh boy Jo, that's the truth about that tree!!!!  I could climb it to the top, despite the scratchy ole junipers all around the bottom.  Our driveway went down in a curve and we had to rake the pine needles all the time.  Especially after we got the Honda way back in the 70's, that little car hated it when the driveway got slick with needles!  I am pretty sure my brother and all his friends climbed the tree too, but he is 8 years older, so I can't remember. My clearest memories of him are during his surfing teens.


  1. Thanks to your post yesterday I spent a half hour on Google maps looking at the house I lived in as a child. It wasn't a pretty sight! LOL!

  2. Was it really that bad??? I loved my house, my neighborhood, everything there.