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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spanish Presentation

Stephanie, in the picture here, has to do her final presentation for her Spanish class.  She decided to do it on this amazing place, the Great Mosque of/in Cordoba Spain.
She got to visit this area last summer on her trip to Spain.
She has to present the whole thing in Spanish, of course, and she 'practiced' for me last night....did great!  I even understood some of the words...probably because I got to look at pictures while she talked.  Ole!
I thought it rather interesting that Mendofleur is working on something that ties in with this, at least to me.

The Mosque has over a 1000 columns, made from jasper, marble, onyx, and granite and must be amazing to look at all on their own.  The building had been added to over the centuries.  The first arches were made from stone and brick to give them the red and white color, but the later ones were painted to save money, something we can relate to today.

Steph didn't get to do her presentaion because her powerpoint didn't work. Next week.

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  1. How fascinating! I definitely see why you were trying to dig deeper into my blog photo. I want to research this mosque. What a wonderful experience for your daughter. Very impressive.
    After I sent you the photos I realized I forgot to tell you it is a work-in-progress, trimming is needed and much more applique of pieces, etc. It looks a bit rustic now.