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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cuff and Backaches

Steph made this bracelet/cuff after browsing through a beading book.  We didn't have any leather, so she used a piece of vinyl curtain backing and lame!  Talk about different ends of the cha-cha-cha scale.
And of course, beads, threads, paints, glue, soldering iron....I adjusted the top image so you could see the colors better, since I didn't get a very good shot of it, because.....

My lower back hurts.  I don't know what I did to it, but I have been walking around like a cock-eyed-zombie for days now.

I remember how I sprained my neck one time. {making up a sofa bed}
I will never forget when I sprained my ankle. {volleyball on lawn}
Twice I tore the soft tissue-stuff between ribs turning a mattress over. {there won't be a third time!}

I of course remember where I was when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded, Princess Di, 9-11....

I remember 5 close encounters with bears, 2 skunks and a rattlesnake.
And the earthquakes I have been through.....I even know where my children were during those!

But what the hell was I doing when I skee-uuu-ed my back???


  1. Backs are very tricky! I pulled mine really bad once but I didn't know it until i was half-way home during a 6 hour drive. By the time I got home I could not move. I didn't move for DAYS!

  2. Nice colors and textures with all the beads and shapes.
    I went to a chiropractor for a back injury once and that seemed to help, but this is always a tricky thing.

  3. Nice creation!!! I love the colors.

    Sit in a chair - spread your knees apart - drop your arms down (like monkey arms) towards the floor and bounce up and down from the waist. This helps to loosen the lower back muscles. When I get pain down there I do this many times a day and it seems to help. It might help until you get to a chiropractor - or whatever you can do for it. You can do it from any kind of chair - though I find a kitchen chair works best for me.

  4. Oh, poor Vicky. Take it easy and use a hot pad.

  5. I finally gave in and took a strong pain pill last night, one of the last of it's kind around here. Boy was that a wonderful feeling....of no feeling!

    It is getting better, even though I haven't done the hot pad {my bad, Christine}. I did try the 'bounce from the waist' trick....looked funny, but didn't seem to hurt anything. {Thanks Pieceful} Vicki I remember you blogging about your back, glad it's better now!