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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quilting Content

Oh look, an ironing board.  I use this for now for cutting fabric on. Actually kinda handy, can be set to any height.  Dan is going to make me a cutting cupboard on least it is on his list.
6 FQ's all in Woodland Bloom fabric set.  Cut, sew, cut, sew again. Arrange. Sew again. Ta Da.....a quilt top.
Now for the next step....sandwiching.

I am also putting together gifties for when 3 of you hit around the 10,000 mark! 9999, 10,000, and 10,001. Provided I can figure out who you are!  Leaving comments at that time would be helpful, please!


  1. What a cute quilt - love the fabrics!

  2. Nice fabrics - that was fast. I also use my ironing board for cutting - and assorted other tasks that come up that need a table. It sits just to the left of my sewing machine - and I actually do iron on it sometimes - when I can find the surface.